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Commission free trading opens for new strategies

Posted by Jesper Bender on
Commission free trading opens for new strategies

We have all been there. We have spent a lot of time trying to implement new trading strategies but most of them fail. One of the main reasons why the new strategy is not working is often trading costs. There can be a lot of other reasons but it’s a fact that trading costs kills trading profits just like all costs kills profit.

Brokers and exchanges have been able to get clients to pay very high commissions because there have been no alternatives but that’s over now.

Our main goals at are transparency, reliability and advantages for traders and one of the biggest advantages for traders are low fees.

I have made trading robots for the FX industry and they worked very well but not for retail clients. The main reason was high trading fees for retail clients.

That’s why we only wanted to launch CPH Crypto if we could offer something new to the market and the new thing is fixed fees.

If you buy 1 BTC at 7.100 and sell it at 7.110 you have made money, right? No, not if you pay a normal fee of 0.1%. Then the trading fee had been a bit more than 14 USD. Then you have lost more than 4 USD but if you had traded with no trading fee per trade then you had earned 10 USD.

Some other brokers besides CPH Crypto have no trading fee but then the spread, the difference between bid and ask is very high and that’s not the case at CPH Crypto.

So CPH Crypto opens for a lot of new trading strategies where the price only needs to move a few USD in the right direction before you earn money whereas the price needs to move 10-15 USD or more at other brokers and exchanges.

Take a new look at your graphs, update your strategies, open an account and earn more money at CPH Crypto.


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