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Dominant Trading Platforms Charge Traders Up to 13 Times More Than CPH Crypto

Posted by Jesper Bender on
Dominant Trading Platforms Charge Traders Up to 13 Times More Than CPH Crypto

Recent computations plainly record that the dominant crypto trading platforms are up to 13 times more costly for active crypto traders to usage than the brand-new Scandinavian exchange CPH Crypto.

Every swing trader, day trader and scalper in the crypto market understands the significance of trading charges and how those charges frequently make it very hard to pursue trading techniques based upon high-frequency trading. It’s frequently understood amongst traders that cost merely eliminates earnings. 

Lack of competitors and openness avoids traders to earnings. The issue is basic: Up previously, the competitors on charges in the crypto trading market has actually been practically missing, and the dominant trading platforms have actually been able to charge expensive deal charges and get away with nontransparent prices structures, which has actually made it very hard for clients to find out what they are in fact paying in overall for the services they are utilizing.

The factor for the issue is immaturity in the crypto market. Going back twenty years, the standard stock, bond and FX market was on the exact same phase of advancement as the crypto market is today, and comparable to the crypto market, the standard market was controlled by couple of huge gamers that were able to charge really high costs since of absence of competitors and openness.

Immediate Disruption of Fee Structures

“Eventually new players entered the market and started to disrupt the dominant players’ pricing models and drive down prices. And today, trading fees on traditional products are only fractions of the level we see in the current crypto market,”

states CEO Jan Andersen, CPH Crypto, and continues:

“Our team knows this because we have our roots in the old trading world. And our declared mission is to disrupt the dominant crypto players by offering our clients fees that are way below the fees of these players. The history evidently repeats itself, only this time traders should not have to wait twenty years before the fees are down to a reasonable level. CPH Crypto has decided to drive down the fees immediately.” 

Watch out for Hidden Fees

To acquire a total view of a specific broker’s or exchange’s trading charges, you require to take both commissions and spread out into factor to consider. Traders tend to forget the effect of the spread on the overall expenses, despite the fact that the spread is frequently where the most substantial part of the overall charges is concealed, specifically when trading on so-called commission-free brokers or exchanges.  

Typically these brokers/exchanges tend to make up for the absence of cost on commission by greatly increasing the spread – the distinction in between the quote cost and the list prices – which allows them to make their margin on the spread rather. On top of this, traders need to not forget that high charges on finance – like deposits and withdrawal – is likewise included to the overall expenses.

Extreme Price Differences up to 1,249%

In order to show the severe distinctions in charges in between CPH Crypto and 4 worldwide dominant trading platforms, CPH Crypto has actually performed a line of cost contrast based upon concrete examples. The examples are based upon one month of crypto trading volume of respectively 1,000 USD, 10,000 USD, 200,000 USD and 500,000 USD. In summary the outcomes of the contrasts are:  

By 1,000 USD Per Month  

  • Cheapest platform: CPH Crypto with charges in overall: 0.6 USD 
  • Most costly platform: Competitor A with charges in overall: 5.0 USD 
  • Difference 4.4 USD / 733% 

By 10,000 USD Per Month 

  • Cheapest platform: CPH Crypto with charges in overall: 6 USD 
  • Most costly platform: Competitor B with charges in overall: 37.5 USD 
  • Difference: 31.5 USD / 525% 

By 200,000 USD Per Month

  • Cheapest platform: CPH Crypto with charges in overall: 79 USD 
  • Most costly platform: Competitor C with charges in overall: 750 USD 
  • Difference: 671 USD / 849% 

By 500,000 USD Per Month

  • Cheapest platform: CPH Crypto with charges in overall: 139 USD 
  • Most costly platform: Competitor D with charges in overall: 1,875 USD 
  • Difference 1,736 USD / 1,249%

(Numbers gathered in Q2, 2020. Please see this page to learn more)

“All-in-one” Fixed Fee. Unlimited Trading for 39 USD/Month

According to CPH Crypto’s viewpoint, traders need to just have to concentrate on their method and not on the expenses when they trade. That is why CPH Crypto breaks the pattern of high trading charges on the crypto market and uses a deep-discount repaired “all-in-one” cost of just 39 USD/month for limitless trading or a commission of just 0.04 pct. per deal for single trading.

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