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About us

CPH Crypto is a Scandinavian exchange and discount broker for cryptocurrency traders offering the lowest fees in the market, insured coins deposit, transparency and reliability.

CPH Crypto is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Scandinavia is well-known for its strong economy, stable political environment and a high degree of transparency and has a fintech industry that is among the most competitive in the world. It also has a fast growing crypto business and community.

The CPH Crypto management team has longstanding experience in trading and investment within the regulated financial services industry.

Active crypto traders like swing traders, day traders and even scalpers should be able to follow their individual trades and strategies without unreasonably poor conditions such as high commission or hidden fees, the risk of losing their deposits, complex crypto products or less trader-friendly trading platforms with wide spreads.

Unfortunately, these less attractive conditions are commonplace in the crypto market today because of lack of competition among the brokers/exchanges on key parameters like commissions and fees, complicated trading facilities and limited transparency.

CPH Crypto’s mission is to enable crypto traders to exercise their trades and strategies without worrying about high trading costs or the risk of losing their deposits.

Our vision is to create a fairer crypto trading market by driving down trading costs and making crypto trading secure, inexpensive and transparent for all active traders.

We offer the lowest trading fees on the market as well as an extremely low fixed monthly price to access an “unlimited trading solution” that will allow all types of active traders to execute unlimited trades, volume and strategies free from worry about the trading costs and instead being able to concentrate on their profits.

CPH Crypto A/S (Ltd) is owned by the Nasdaq OMX listed A/S (ticker: NPINV), founded in Denmark in 2008 and a fintech trading company, led by a strong management team with more than 20 years of experience in the investment and trading industry.

CPH Crypto is registered with the Danish FCA according to the anti money laundering directive AMLD5 under §48/1.