We want to offer you 0.01 BTC as a welcome gift

Dear Crypto trader, 

Thank you for your registration as a client at CPH Crypto. We are very happy to have you onboard. 

We are so excited about your interest in our new crypto business that we want to offer you 0.01 BTC as a welcome gift, if you deposit at least 200 USD or 0.02 BTC to your new CPH Crypto account.

The 0.01 BTC will be deposited to your account together with your own deposit.

Deposit now


Campaign Terms
By accepting the welcome gift the client agrees to the Terms for this specific campaign. The campaign has a limited timeline of up to max 3 month thereafter the offer is obsolete. The offer will always require that the client has deposited the minimum deposit to verify the acceptance before the welcome gift is deposited on the clients trading account. It will not be possible for the client to withdraw the welcome gift before 6 months from activating. The client has to exercise a minimum of 10 trades per month in the first 6 month. Besides the Campaign Terms the company's General Terms of Business will apply.