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Cookie policy

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file that is placed in your internet browser. The file does not contain any information of a personal nature. The information that we receive is completely anonymous.

Everyone who visits (CPH) automatically receives one or more cookies which are placed in the internet browser that is used, after which the visit to CPH and the use of the website can be registered.

Many internet browsers provide the option to delete, block or warn that a cookie is “on its way”, which is why the browser asks you to accept before a cookie is “saved”.

Depending on which browser is used, you can find information about how the browser is set up to process cookies in the browser’s settings and help functions.

The cookies that are sent and which the browser receives are cookies from CPH and from our advertising control system to use for traffic registration

Why do we use cookies?
The purpose of the cookie is to register the visit and based on this, provide information about the type of browser and operating system, the length of the visit to the website, which sites and sections are visited/read, how many articles are read, whether the computer that is used has visited us before, etc.

All the gathered information from the user of CPH is anonymous. The information from all users is gathered by CPH so that statistics of the use of CPH can be formed.

For example, this information and statistics are used to ensure that a given advertisement is displayed a certain number of times to the individual user and also as documentation for advertisers in relation to a campaign e.g.

The statistics are part of the editorial work and to optimize and further develop CPH in relation to the market, the users and the general development of the internet.