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Follow these guides to assist  you on key actions:

 How to Register and create a free account

 How to Deposit funds

 How to Withdraw funds

 How to Start Trading

 How to Refer and Earn

 How to use the Trading Platform

How to Register and create a free account

Easy and instantly registration - start trading within minutes. It doesn't come more easy and simple to register for a free account and start trading. Even though it's the best and smartest deal in the market any crypto trader can get. 

Just follow these few steps:

1. Register

Complete with only a very few and relevant details and receive access to your personal CPH Crypto account and the trading platform.

Choose your prefered solution - either an all-in-one fixed fee for trading unlimited volume and frequency or single fee per trade.

When opening your own personal and free trading account you we choose which basecurrency you prefer - either Bitcoin or USD. 

 2. Deposit

Choose between 3 very easy transaction options

- deposit instantly by choosing deposits from our productpage 

- deposit instantly using your creditcard

- deposit through your own bank

3. Start trading

Start opening your personal account with your details, settings and overview - click here: 

Get access to the trading platform here and start trading - clikc here:


How to Deposit funds:

Swiftly deposit, transfer, and withdraw your bitcoins/BTC and USD anytime.

Follow this step by step guide:

Note: Coin deposits with CPH Crypto are insured and guaranteed - learn mere here: 


How to Withdraw funds:


How to Start Trading:


How to Refer and Earn:

How to use the Trading Platform: