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  • Who is behind the company?
  • CPH Crypto A/S is 100 pct. owned by the Nasdaq OMX-listed company A/S. The ownership structure of is 58,5 pct. by major shareholders and 41,5 pct. in free float.

  • What does the management team look like?
  • The management team of CPH Crypto consists of: 

    Jan Andersen, CEO, CPH Crypto A/S, has twenty five years experience as an entrepreneur and CEO in online and technology businesses as well as the investment and trading industries. Jan Andersen co-founded trading company A/S in 2008.

    Jesper Bender, CTO, CPH Crypto A/S, joined A/S in 2008. Jesper has strong IT and technology capabilities, cultivated over fifteen years experience in software integration and development.

    The management team have long-standing experience within the stock trading, securities, CFD and FX industries. 

  • Where is the company based?
  • CPH Crypto A/S is a Danish limited company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

  • Where is the company registered?
  • The company is registered in Denmark. Company registration no.: DK25388992

  • Is the trading platform open for customers in all countries and jurisdictions?
  • CPH Crypto welcomes customers from all countries and jurisdictions, except the US and Canada.

  • Is there a minimum contribution when starting trading?
  • Yes, the minimum deposit when onboarding as a new trader is USD 50.

  • What are the trading fees? 
  • CPH Crypto is a discount crypto broker with - to our knowledge - the lowest fees on the market. CPH Crypto’s trading fees are: 

    • 0,04% per trade or 
    • USD 39 monthly for unlimited trading

  • You have claimed that your fees are lower than any of your competitors. Can you prove that?
  • It is often quite difficult to figure out the actual fees when trading crypto because of many additional fees imposed by brokers for several smaller services that are all elements of the trading process. At CPH Crypto however our fees are simple, transparent and ultra low. 

    The comparison below clearly shows how CPH Crypto is significantly cheaper than those of most well-known brokers and exchanges in the market. Note that some of these platforms may very well be even more expensive because of additional fees for extra services, which users may not be aware of.

    Trading Volume 1.000 USD: Commission 0,4 USD + Spread 0,2 USD = 0,6 USD

    Binance: Commission 1 USD + Spread 0 USD = 1 USD

    Kraken: Commission 2,1 USD + Spread 0 USD = 2,1 USD

    Coinbase Pro: Commission 5 USD + Spread 0 USD = 5 USD

    Etoro: Commission 0 USD + Spread 3,75 USD = 3,75 USD


    Trading Volume 10.000 USD: Commission 4 USD + Spread 2 USD = 6 USD

    Binance: Commission 10 USD + Spread 0 USD = 10 USD

    Kraken: Commission 21 USD + Spread 0 USD = 21 USD

    Coinbase Pro: Commission 35 USD + Spread 0 USD = 35 USD

    Etoro: Commission 0 USD + Spread 37,5 USD = 37,5 USD


    Trading Volume 200.000 USD: Commission 39 USD (Max) + Spread 40 USD = 79 USD

    Binance: Commission 190 USD + Spread 0 USD = 190 USD

    Kraken: Commission 340 USD + Spread 0 = 340 USD

    Coinbase Pro: Commission 300 USD + Spread 0 USD = 300 USD

    Etoro: Commission 0 USD + Spread 750 USD = 750 USD

    Trading Volume 500.000 USD: Commission 39 USD (Max) + Spread 100 USD = 139 USD

    Binance: Commission 450 USD + Spread 0 USD = 450 USD

    Kraken: Commission 750 USD + Spread 0 USD = 830 USD

    Coinbase Pro: Commission 750 USD + Spread 0 USD = 750 USD

  • Which services are available?
  • From launch, our clients can trade a handful of the most popular cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP (Ripple), Tether and Bitcoin Cash. Later we will add more currencies and open up for additional trading services and relevant features.

  • Is leverage an option with CPH Crypto and in case with which multiples?
  • Yes, 10:1 leverage is an option with CPH Crypto.

  • Is margin trading an option with CPH Crypto?
  • Yes, margin trading is a service offered by CPH Crypto.

  • Is it possible to short crypto on the platform?
  • Yes, shorting is an integrated trading facility of CPH Crypto. 

  • How are the users’ deposits secured? 
  • The crypto currency (coin) deposits are insured through our custodian partner Trustology’s collaboration with world-leading insurance companies.  

  • Which types of traders are you aiming at with your platform?
  • Our platform is built primarily to cater to the needs of active traders like swing traders, day traders and scalpers. 

  • What are the strategic goals of CPH Crypto?
  • Although we are launching our platform in a low key fashion, make no mistake: Our offer is highly competitive, which we believe will enable us to grow fast, not only in the Nordics but also throughout Europe and Asia.

  • How much do you expect to grow during the first and second year?
  • It’s too early to disclose figures and estimates, but we truly believe that the market is ready for an authentic discount crypto broker. For experienced and active traders, replacing an expensive broker with an inexpensive one, with services as good or even better, should have a significant interest globally.

  • How can a small company like CPH Crypto compete with prominent market leaders like Binance, eToro, Kraken and Coinbase?
  • Quite simply it’s because we are offering traders far better prices, transparent trading facilities and conditions. There is a lot of greed in the crypto market, and in many cases the fees today are unreasonably high. Not only can CPH Crypto offer ultra low fees, but our services have the same quality as the services from the bigger providers. We also insure our customers’ crypto deposits through our partnership with third-party custodians, which means that, for instance, in the unlikely incident of a system hack, our customers will not lose their deposits. 

  • Do you think it’s wise to launch a crypto broker in the middle  of a massive global crisis like the Corona pandemic?
  • We firmly believe that the token economy, including crypto trading, is going to be huge in the years to come – and the recent growth with the crypto coin market clearly indicates that. So it’s time for change for many reasons: it’s part of the next generation digital asset revolution, and the Corona crisis has only confirmed that this change will happen sooner than expected. That’s why we are confident that launching CPH Crypto now makes a lot of sense.