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Fees at CPH Crypto

Now, we have so far covered everything from registering an account, placing your first trade to all the functions and features that CPH Crypto offers, we'll now address the two different fee structures that CPH Crypto offers.
CPH Crypto is a platform for traders built by traders. Thus, we are familiar with the importance of low and transparent fees and cost for profitable trading.

CPH Crypto offers two simple solutions unparalleled and unmatched by any other exchange:
  1. Fixed fee $39
    An all-in-one package commission-free, insured coins and unlimited trading
  2. Single fee of 0.04% per trade
    Single fee of 0.04% per trade, insured coins and unlimited trading

Both models represent ultra-low transaction costs. We have not yet discovered any better solutions in the market. To see the cost and fees at CPH Crypto in broader detail, click here.

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