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How to register

New customers can register and create a free account with CPH Crypto.

You do only need to fill out a few fields and choose your type of account. 


How to register and create a free account

Easy and instantly registration - start trading within minutes. It doesn't come more easy and simple to register for a free account and start trading.  

Just follow these few steps:

1. Register

Complete with only a very few and relevant details and receive access to your personal CPH Crypto account and the trading platform.

Choose your prefered solution - either an all-in-one fixed fee for trading unlimited volume and frequency or single fee per trade.

When opening your own personal and free trading account you must choose which basecurrency you prefer - either Bitcoin or USD. 

 2. Deposit

Choose between 3 very easy transaction options

- deposit instantly by choosing deposits from our productpage 

- deposit instantly using your creditcard

- deposit through your own bank

3. Start trading

Start opening your personal account with your details, settings and overview. 

Get access to the trading platform here and start trading.   

Please start your registration process here