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Step 3: How to use the CPH Crypto Mobile Trader App


1. Price List

The Price List displays all the trading pairs available for trading and allows you to add/remove any trading pair. Further, this is also the section for placing trades and accessing order tickets.


2. Deals

Next to the Price List in the taskbar, you’ll find Deals. Here you can simply check your order status and track orders that have been fulfilled by CPH Crypto. The function allows you to filter orders by specific deal types.

3. Profit and Loss

This section shows your profits and losses of your trading activity. 


4.  Double Tap Trade

The CPH Crypto App facilitates double-tap trade execution which allows you to open or close a trade with just two clicks/touches. That is one of the unique features that separates CPH Crypto from other leading crypto exchanges.

Once the quantity has been inserted, clicking/touching twice on the buy or sell price on the screen will transmit the order directly through for processing.

Note: You will not be requested to confirm the order since it'll be placed instantly. Please remember to lock the screen again once the trade has been executed to prevent any accidental trading activity.

5. Advanced order types/Time In Force

In addition to Market and Limit orders, CPH Crypto also facilitates more advanced order types to enhance the trading experience, including Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC), Fill-or-Kill (FOK), Day order (DAY), Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC).



  • IOC -an order to buy or sell a coin that needs to be executed instantly. Any amount of the order that does not get fulfilled immediately gets canceled.
  • FOK - an order that must be executed directly in its entirety - if not, the entire order gets canceled
  • DAY - an order is a stipulation placed on an order to a broker to execute a trade at a specific price that expires at the end of the trading day if it is not completed. 
  • GTC - an order that is active until its specified date unless it has already been fulfilled or canceled.


6.  Margin Trading

CPH Crypto offers margin trading in the crypto spot market with up to 10x leverage at a very low cost. New clients can even for a limited period trade with margin completely free of charge.

To see the total amount of margin available for trading, go to the PNL section. The PNL section also displays the level of margin already used.

(Remember that trading with margin comes with great risk)




Note: Use to below link to register. When you register for a CPH Crypto the sign up steps is on CPH Crypto's website 

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